Mishlen Linden



The artist and her creation are linked by the power of doing. On creation, we link with the external and internal forces. The power becomes externalized and accessible to our conscious mind. This externalization can be essential for communication to hear what the work has to say.

I believe that it is depth of experience that makes good art, not only technique. We search for experiences that feed our work. Our journey is an inward one. We walk upon the shores of the underworld and bring up our mental snapshots to share with the world.

There are a lot of artists schooled in technique who are making art beautifully for a souless society. But they do not add to the observers experience, they merely reflect it. We have the task of opening windows into peoples minds. Our art is talismanic, carrying the power of the force which created it. The degree to which people respond is not often apparent, for the impact will trickle down into their subconscious to take hold and create a seed of power to grow into their dreams. We are the Dreamers, and we are the Dream. I stopped painting and began making Icons. These are borne of the cast-off shells of life-bone, stone, and deadwood, brought back to life again.

They are for those who see their value.